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About IQAC

An Overview
The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of The Oxford College of Business Management is functioning since 2007, assuring the quality to the best. Focusing on the holistic excellence in academics, the IQAC spotlights the need for consistent improvement in co-curricular and extracurricular performances. The IQAC is the centralized functioning body for the institution, under the chairmanship of the Principal and comprises of senior faculty members working altogether with the co-members from industries, local community and other stakeholders.


  1. To attain academic excellence through Distinctive and Best Practices
  2. To perform with accordance to Universal/ International/ Global Quality Standards and Benchmarks


  1. Formulating the parameters for academic, co curricular and extracurricular programmes
  2. Disseminating the parameters and implementing them in the teaching-learning process and associated programmes
  3. Periodical audits and follow ups to ensure the quality in the regular activities
  4. Documentation and submission of reports to National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)