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The Oxford College of Business Management (TOCBM) is a platform for unleashing your innate potential and bring out your talents in academics, sports, cultural, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. We understand our responsibility to help our students realise their goals in an increasingly challenging world.

At TOCBM, holistic training is of paramount importance. We believe that education here will prepare you for a highly networked and competitive world. The overall personality development facilitated here will support your interests, encourage you to formulate your own informed perspectives, inculcate managerial, administrative skills and develop relevant pedagogical and research methods. In short, we transform you to diligent students, smart team players, ethical leaders and conscientious citizens.

 Our unique educational system will ensure that students gain not just depth and breadth in their chosen area of specialization, but a holistic set of skills that will equip them to face the real world. At every stage, there will be opportunities to expand your boundaries, platforms for collaboration and learning, and recognition for those who strive to excel.

We at TOCBM strive towards enriching young minds by bridging the gap between academics and corporate and make your dreams a reality.

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens”

Dr Nikitha Alur
Principal, The Oxford College of Business Management