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MBA Programme

M.Com Programme

PGDHA Program

In Take

  • MBA -------- 180
  • M.Com ------ 60
  • PGDHA ------ 40


Program Objectives & Course objectives


High Tech Learning
The Campus is having wi-fi facility wherein the students can use their laptop any where in the campus. Internet facility is available on these machines.

The High tech digital classroom has the capability of saving the discussion points written on the digital board. This will help the students to look into the lessons whenever they feel like. In fact it will help them to interact with faculty for any clarification or further discussion on the subject. Many of the latest information is also fed on the system for students to get benefited.

Industrial Training Project: (Internship)
After second semester, as a part of the program, students go through interactive & on-shore training project for eight to ten weeks in an industrial, business or a service Organization. The training will be under the supervision of faculty/industry/institution guide. The student submits a project report to the Organization on the study undertaken by him. This will give an opportunity for the students to interact with industry executives of all related departments, which will bring out their intrinsic skills and identify their own strong capability for nurturing. This will also help them to understand how a project report is made in real life.


Will commence in the III semester, is of 12 credits, which is equivalent to 2 elective courses. Thus the choice of topic and depth of the subjects are significant keeping in view the weightage workload and learning experience. Students are encouraged to choose a topic for dissertation in their areas of specializations. In this process student will be concentrating on his area of interest/specialization