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On behalf of my teaching fraternity, and staff it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Oxford via this website. I am truly elated to be acquainted with you and to facilitate your successful educational pursuit.

Oxford's journey began in 1974, in Bangalore, with a nursery school in Kannada and English as the medium. The Oxford Educational Institution’s journey was envisaged by a school teacher who became the founding chairman, late Sri. S. Narasa Raju.  The group of institutions has grown by leaps and bounds and attained milestones: we have 36 institutions including a medical college under its ambit. 

I am ecstatic in articulating my conviction that the Oxford Institutions will continue its pursuit of the highest standard of academic excellence. At Oxford, our faculty and staff members are committed and determined to ensure students' success. The ultimate goal of the institution is to help students graduate and begin their life journeys, which is challenging but rewarding and enriching. We encourage and challenge our students to be engaged learners. 

Our five campuses with 36 institutions and 28 thousand students cover diverse fields, from Health Care to Law to Management that prepares students for a better future, creates an incomparable student experience that will encourage them to discover and immerse themselves in meaningful learning. Our inclusive and welcoming environment helps students to better overcome challenges and to engage in activities that enhance their learning experience.  

We give priority to our key stakeholders – our students - by creating opportunities and thereby inspiring them to achieve their goals in life. We are focused on three core principles – Education, research, and social involvement and we imbibe all three in our commitment to the students and other stakeholders. During the last four decades, we have been pertinacious in continuing our revered common mission through our education, research, and programs that benefit the good of the community. This is achieved through a complete process that includes professional preparation; we connect the students with the job market to foster the skills and mindset needed for proficient and competent career advancement. When they leave the portals of this institution, they will have more than just a degree from Oxford. The students will not only have a clear mindset but also carry the confidence to face the new challenging environment that waits outside their comfort zone

I welcome you once again and encourage you to visit our exquisite campus, get to know our students, staff, dedicated faculty, and witness the facilities and opportunities that Oxford provides. 
Let me sum up by quoting Martin Luther King, Jr., the late, great American civil rights leader, who stated “that the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”.

Dr. S. N. V. L. Narasimha Raju
Chairman, The Oxford Educational Institutions
President, Children Education Society